Sandpoint Idaho Diver Seminar a Success

We presented a seminar this evening in Sandpoint, Idaho on the management of Eurasian Milfoil using Diver Operations and Dredging systems.  The meeting was well attended with about 35 divers and interested parties from the area.  The Lake Pend Oreille system is heavily infested with this noxious aquatic and we have been helping attack the problem with a number of technologies including aquatic herbicides.  Diver dredging and operations will take a more important role as the populations are reduced.  The County will also use this technology in high use areas.  The key to getting a successful program together is having a pool of divers to take on the mission.

A number of good ideas came from the group including a similar program to adopt a road where a team from a lake may adopt a bay.  Many were also very interested in getting things organized to approach this a business.

For more information on diver equipment, go to .


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