Starting them Young

One of the major issues facing aquatic plant managers today is the lack of knowledge and understanding about what we do in the general public.  It’s hard for those that don’t live on the water or are involved in fishing/boating to understand the impact invasive aquatic weeds can have on a waterbody because they don’t see and live with it every day.  When you think about it, that is the vast majority of the population. 

It’s often the case that the only effective method of dealing with these invasive species are US EPA approved aquatic herbicides.  While these products are fully cleared by this agency to be applied to water without undo risk to humans or the environment, they often grab headlines and the general public does not get the information they need.

A few years back, the Aquatic Plant Management Society published a workbook to be used in the 4th through 7th grade to expose students to the environmental damage caused by these pests.  This text has been used in schools throughout the Country and I believe in excess of 250,000 of these have been passed out.  As the keeper of the “pallet” for the Western Aquatic Plant Management Society, I wanted to be sure those of you involved in education knew this resource was available. 

You can view this document at the link below.  If you want copies to use, contact me at for the Western US or visit the links on the page below.


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