On the Road Again

The Western Aquatic Plant Management Society (www.wapms.org) meeting will be held in Coeur D’Alene, Idaho this coming Sunday through Tuesday.  This group is the regional chapter of the national Aquatic Plant Management Society (www.apms.org).  It is one of the key meeting we attend each year to keep our people on the cutting edge of our field.  There is a lot to learn at these meetings.

I’ll be presenting a paper titled “Adaptive Water Resource Management to Target Eurasian Milfoil on Pend Oreille Lake and River”.  This paper will focus on how we used these principles to help our client manage in excess of 4,000 acres of this invasive species this past year.  The $1.7 million project involved the use of four EPA approved aquatic herbicides and a number of non chemical control technologies. 

There will be a number of other interesting papers that will be presented as well and I’ll be reporting on those we think might be of interest to you.  You can also download a copy of the program from their web site to see what was discussed.

Scott Shuler should be congratulated for putting together such an informative program. 


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